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For nearly a century the Allison company provides different services in the design and manufacture of automatic transmissions , and during this period of time it achieved the highest level of quality, that is why it may be named the leader in this market segment. In the part of  international management profile «Allison» is a leader in the production of special equipment, petroleum equipment , automatic transmissions for trucks , buses, etc. The high level of all kind of its production and deep experience allows  the company «Allison» leave far away all another companies in this part of business. All of these allow us  to consider «Allison» synonymous with quality, reliability and versatility for all weather / climate / road conditions.

 " Prompt " is the official dealer of «Allison» and is installing automatic transmission on Russian equipment , but also takes highly skilled service for the entire period of operation of automatic transmissions .

For many years, the company has worked to create an impeccable reputation, and the best indicator of this - our many regular customers and partners . Among them - the well-known manufacturers of construction and road building equipment , manufacturers of equipment for oil drilling operations , as well as the leaders of the oil and gas deposits .

Many years of experience working with world leaders - the consumers of the services market and production, impeccable reputation in working with partners and clients , qualified personnel with certified special education  - it is not a complete list of our priorities over other companies. We offer our clients the best services -  Allison Transmission:
1. Delivery of spare parts for automatic Allison transmissions;
2 . Automatic Delivery of themselves for light commercial vehicles and destination airfield construction equipment , heavy and medium trucks and oil and gas systems; municipal and corporate equipment and off-road vehicles ;
3 . Warranty and maintenance services , repairing of any size and complexity levels , as well as after-sales service on a contractual basis,etc.

High quality of our work is guaranteed by leading experts , and confirmed by certificates of special education in the specialized training center Allison Transmission.
Repair and maintenance work is carried out  automatic transmission, and in the tertiary service center of " Prompt ", since it is the center of a special booth , equipped to test the quality of the transmission , which allows you to perform at a high level all the service and repair work.
If you turn to us as a client , you will receive expert help in solving the problems of any complexity and the need for a full range of troubleshooting . If a partner - we promise mutually beneficial cooperation based on honesty relationship, trust and professionalism.