Repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions

Allison Transmission company offers its customers as the warranty, as also after-sales service of its products. LLC "Prompt" is the main authorized dealer of Allison , and you can always ask to conduct maintenance or purchase different parts if need. However, as usual, the Allison products doesn’t need repairing work throughout the warranty period. But, nevertheless, sometimes there may be issues for transmissions, which require professional assistance. For example, routine maintenance includes replacement of fluids and filters. The procedure is very simple. Since, in practice, its more rightly to use only quality filters and cartridge-type screw. Also in the competence of the "Prompt" Company are major repairs (if necessary) and complete full diagnosis of automatic transmissions Allison Transmission.
This phone number  - (3463) 29-35-93 – may be used, if:

  1. You have any questions about Allison production;
  2. It is necessary to be consulted about the operation of automatic Allison transmissions;
  3. You need a specialist at any time about any questions.

The specialists of our company  are engaged in repairing and servicing of Allison products, and in the process use only original spare parts and special tools.
All of clients  of Allison advises are using TranSynd - a special transmission fluid. TranSynd has been specifically designed to satisfy all the needs and requirements of automatic Allison Transmission, and its use significantly increases during the life of the filters and the period of replacement of oil in an automatic Allison transmission.